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Van Hoorebeke BVBA
Belarusian evening in Ghent /20.09.2011/

On the occasion of his appointment as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Gent with jurisdiction for the Flemish Region, Mr. Karel Van Hoorebeke organised in December 2010 a Belarusian evening in the unique setting of the Sint-Pietersabdij in Gent.

Fortunately, the many guests were not discouraged by the “Belarusian weather”. After all, that day Gent was covered under a blanket of snow.

The guests were welcomed by Mr. Van Hoorebeke and the guest of honour, Mr. Vladimir Senko, former Ambassador of Belarus to the Kingdom of Belgium.

The opening speeches were followed by a spectacular fashion show organised by the Youth Fashion School of Minsk. The young Belarusian designers – who earlier that day had visited the fashion department of the Hogeschool Gent – presented their own collections and showed their creativity.

During the reception after the fashion show the guests took the opportunity to enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks and they chatted until late in the evening.

A Belarusian television crew made a short but very interesting documentary about this event. This documentary was broadcasted on Belarusian national television.

Van Hoorebeke BVBA